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The Holy Land Game

This is literally the whole package. When Sol La Blanc came to us and wanted her great Aunt's game translated from Spanish into English it became a two year project. It was a challenge and a joy to figure out the most economical but still creative way to recreate this game.

What’s included in the game which Saltzman Graphic Design created —

  • 24" x 44" Scroll Game board/Map rolled on a wooden dowel and made of a waterproof vinyl with a deerskin tie

  • 800 Question and Answer Cards

  • 8 colored, wooden game pieces

  • 1 camel

  • 16 token pieces

  • 1 Rule Book

The first run was a production of 50 handmade games. Currently they are all sold out and the second production of 2,000 games is being produced. View the entire site at

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