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Organization / Branding, Apparel, Website Design and Print

Team Survivor San Diego Sea Dragons

This project is near and dear to me. Working together with several of the Team Survivor women was a team effort to make sure their Sea Dragon Logo and Racing Jersey artwork was exactly the way they envisioned and wanting it to communicate. A strong and powerful dragon with the purple splash of water representing the cancer surviving color. This wonderful organization is always ready to help and support new cancer survivors and encouraging them to “Thrive While Surviving”.


Check out their website at Make sure to check out the shop with all the logo specialty items as well as their donation button providing free programs for women cancer survivors.


We’re looking for jackets (zipper front) since it’s going to be really cold up there. I was hoping to get white jackets and then make the flame on one sleeve a very big, bright orangey color. The blue ice on the other sleeve would also be big and probably several shades of blue.


I’m thinking that we could maybe skip the dragon entirely and just go for a very large Fire-n-Ice on the back. Last year we had a too small image on the back and it looked nice but didn’t stand out very well.

What about the fire dragon tail starting on the cuff of one sleeve and going all the way up arm, across back and down other sleeve with head at opposite cuff, and Ice dragon vice versa.


It would be like two whole long and strong dragons moving in both directions. They could Circle the back of jacket, and in cursive spell out team name; Their bodies spell the team name.


I can’t tell you how many compliments we got on our jackets. We even had people offer to buy them from us! You’d have been so proud to have your work so admired. We felt pretty special. I know you’ve seen some of the pictures on Facebook but if you’d like some pictures for your portfolio, just let me know.

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