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Fire -N- Ice!

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Team Survivor San Diego Sea Dragon's Ottawa Race Jackets

It was a challenge to find a printer that could print 4-color on furry fleece.

When my favorite client (oops, I shouldn't have a favorite), The San Diego Sea Dragons, asked me to design racing jacket artwork for their race in Ottawa this year, it was a bit of a challenge. Not only in the design that they wanted: two dragons wrapping around the arms from the wrists across the back and whirling around creating the script for their team name "Fire -N- Ice" and whirling back down to the other arm to the wrist. Now any sane graphic designer would say, NO of course it can't be done. Well being that I hate when I can't find a solution to a client's vision I took on the challenge. I did come up with a design the whole team approved and I actually found a printer in San Diego that said they maybe could print on furry fleece by their deadline. Of course, no job is ever easy and no matter how hard you try to produce your job on time and on budget it never fails for a little hick-up. The printer called the next day after we paid and delivered the jackets to be printed and they said "Houston we have a problem". "Our printer broke and what day do you need the jackets?" My reply "Well, it is a one-time race and they are flying out to Canada in 10 days so the jackets have to be completed at the latest by February 4th. Stay tuned....

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